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Welcome to Reading Hour Reading Hour is a group of people who have vested interests in literacy and child development. We are committed to seeing children grow through the instrumentality of education. For us, a proper way to introduce the child into the expansive world of learning would be to groom that child into a person capable of holding his own in within that world. This, we believe, starts from his ability to read and absorb what he has read. As such, we are have thrown ourselves into a full drive for child development through literacy training.

Our Resources

Our resources cut across the following categories.

Benefits of Reading

For many years, reading has proved to be the way we connect with concepts in our immediate environment. It is an age-long method used for the expansion of a person’s intellectual capacity. However, it comes with so much more benefits. It widens the creativity of a child, offers them exposure, perspective, and entertainment.

Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation basically refers to engagement in activities that can vastly enrich a person’s mind. It entails a dive to nuanced intellectual activities to improve your cognitive functions. However, mental stimulation may not always be done with the intent of enhancing intellect. May times it could occur with a normal desire for entertainment, such as reading books for the fun of it.

Raise a Reader

During the child’s upbringing, the parent has to note that learning through books is vital to enhancing the child’s life. Children should be acquainted with reading from infancy to give them an easier transition into a knowledge-intensive society. Parents who do this have a whole lot to appreciate in the overall transformation of their children.

Storytelling with Children

Children, like every other people, love to have a nice time. They also love being allowed to do every single thing that they want to do. If you don’t give that to them, you sure are getting damned to a fit of tantrums. However, while you are it, you could also make it a nice part of the tumbling routine to entertain your kids with words — that is, reading stories to them.

Bringing the Book to Life

Children have a short attention span which, fortunately, can be developed. This is done in several ways. This will include selecting the appropriate books, picking appealing books, researching into the book needs of your children, and talking about books with your children.

Theory to Practice

After reading all that has gone before and after this, you would be inclined to wonder: “okay, how do I go about all this?” There are ways by which you can activate the reading instincts in your children. It involves a step-by-step process where you make a commitment, create a timetable, display some creative, and even throw in some benefits for your children.


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