About Us Reading Hour is a group of people who have vested interests in literacy and child development. We are committed to seeing children grow through the instrumentality of education. For us, a proper way to introduce the child into the expansive world of learning would be to groom that child into a person capable of holding his own in within that world. This, we believe, starts from his ability to read and absorb what he has read. As such, we are have thrown ourselves into a full drive for child development through literacy training.

Our Members

Reading Hour has an excellent group of trained professionals who work to achieve our goal. They are experts who have emerged from diverse fields of education and are keen on building the child. They also share our understanding that producing great members of society starts with training learned individuals.

In like manner, they put their boundless energy reserves into working on the first port of child education — the home. When deployed to improve a child, our members possess the necessary skill set to yield awesome results.

Our Mission

Having started with a grasp of important facts about the child, we have concluded that society only works in how it should when the youngest of us are equipped with necessary values. We also realised that these values cannot always be thought by experience, as in many cases, they exist outside the immediate environment. Therefore, we turned to the immense reservoir of books that increases by the day as new things are learned about our world. Looking at them, we found our answer: books.

Therefore, our mission is to ensure that children get the best that they can by reading books from a very young age. An intimacy with books is critical to building their mental and emotional capacities. We also aim to build a network of parents who understand the benefits of reading to their children.

Our Vision

Reading Hour sees a future where the child can learn new things without having to always be in the classroom. Education can be made accessible to them by the people who are closest to them. The intent is to make the child an individual who already knows how to settle into the academic world. He is intellectually capable of home and can carry on confidently with his life.

Our Values

Education of the child is the most important thing for us. Although he is a young member of society, he is also the person who impacts it in the greatest way as time goes on. We, therefore, hold in high esteem the passage of thorough knowledge to the child. Believing also that he deserves every piece of the best that he can get, we consider innovation in education equally important.

Our Partners

Our partners extend across the spectra of the education system. They are people who have offered unquantifiable assistance in achieving our dream. With their help, Reading Hour has come a long way in transcending limits. We owe them our thanks for their support.

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