Bringing the Book to Life

Giving a Spur to Books Children have a short attention span which, fortunately, can be developed. This is done in several ways that we explain below.

Select Appropriate Books

Because they are young, children are not able to instantly grasp high-sounding concepts and storylines. As such, it is important that while shopping around for books to read your kids, you make a mental note to select books that fit their age. Bookstores often have compartments which indicate books that are suitable for a particular age.

You can make your pick by going through their stock. The books have to be written in simple, interactive language so that the kids can understand them. If they do not, they are more likely to nod off in boredom than gaze at you in magically inspired wonder.


To ensure that you get your kids the right books their age, make efforts to find out what they read in their age group. Children tend to tell each other stories of things that they have heard, and these will likely include the ones you told them. Therefore, where the child is, curious about a particular tale, you would be correct to seek answers. A place to start would be friends or family who have experience with children’s stories and indicate which ones are the best. This way, you can keep your child savvy about all the latest fairy tales and wonder-performing insects.

Appealing Books

As mentioned earlier, children can easily fall off the attention grid. As such, it is quite important that what they read are materials that can keep them focused. To make this happen, procure books which have a lot of life in them. That is books which are written in bigger fonts and have a lot of pictures. The child should not have to squint before he can read great material. He should also be able to relate the books via the images drawn in them. The effect of pictures on the child’s mind is that they conjure similar portraits within the child. He sees the book characters in a different light. This time, they are coloured in all the bright shades and doing normal things. Picture-oriented books could be a great way to keep your kids from nagging much about the Tv.

Immerse With the Characters

Depending on your children’s age, they could more be inclined to seeing a live performance of the act. You could make a book more entertaining by taking up the role of the different characters. In other words, you could be the voice of the comic superhero or even play dress-up by enacting the script. Seeing their parents in their favourite character’s attitude is a sure way to elicit giggles from the child. More than this, however, his curiosity about that material is enhanced. These kinds of scenes tend to stay with the kids for a long time, too.

Talk About the Books

Even when the reading session is done, it is not bad to converse with your kids on the material they read. Together, you can revisit the pages and play around with different acts. Their curiosity naturally means that they will fire you with questions, and on both sides, there is an endless stream of talk.

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