Theory to Practice

Making these a Reality After reading all that has gone before and after this, you would be inclined to wonder: 'okay, how do I go about all this?' Below, we explore some of the ways by which you activate the reading instincts in your children.

Make a Commitment

Deciding to spend some reading time each day with your child is a great idea, but it can also be lofty. For you to be truly able to achieve this, you have to work through all the tedious schedules and upend the plans you would normally have after a gloriously depleting workday. Worse still, instead of reading your kids to sleep, you just might be the sleeping one yourself. Therefore, to design your day in a way that accommodates your kids, you need to have an established mindset towards this. You can start by reminding yourself of all the benefits of reading, then thinning it down to how you can make it work. This is an excellent way to build a commitment. You now understand why you have to do it and can use your creativity to make things blend.

Create a Timetable

Timetables are the surest methods of keeping our day organised. They help us decide what we do next without taking a little nap first. So, to realign your work-life with your kids’ reading habits, you need to create a timetable that accommodates both sides. Discussing with your spouse and factoring what your kids think is a fine path to start down on. Everyone knows when it’s time to pick a book.

Throw In Some Benefits

It is not every time that a kid would be willing to read or hear you do it. To increase their enthusiasm, excite them with prospects of getting something they would like. You could lure them in with the promise of an awesome snack or, if the timing is perfect, a small excursion to see a new movie — which everyone says is great. Be sure that your benefits are actually worth the sweat; they would sooner daydream than read anything with you.

Be Creative Too

Now it is not only the authors who have to worry about churning out the best content, but you also do. To make reading more fun and engaging, add a bit of sparkle to the whole activity. You can do this by setting up sceneries that fit the content of the book.

If what you are reading is a Gothic, terror-inducing material, make it better by throwing the room into an absolute world of darkness. When reading a book that simply inspires awe, do something equally similar. This way, you can make your family reading sessions more fun and something to look forward to.

Explore Different Kinds of Interests

You do not have to be rigid with what you choose to read at a particular time. You can always introduce your children to the interests of diverse people. The acquaintance with varied literary material is great, and they can learn a lot of things from different sources. Occasionally, ask your kids to invite their friends and get a grand session going beneath your roof.

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